Biostime Institute for Nutrition and Care – Geneva grants for research scientists

Biostime Institute for Nutrition and Care – Geneva welcomes grant applications from research scientists based in Universities, hospitals or other academic institutions. The research grants aim to provide financial support for innovative research projects.

BINC-Geneva selected projects and awardees for 2018 :

Cognition/Brain development

  • Amandine Bellanger – Division of Neonatology, University Hospital of Rennes France

Gut Bacteria and Brain of the Baby: to link up the dynamic of gut colonization in preterms born at gestational age of 30-326/7 weeks and their psychomotor development at 2 years”.

Gut Microbiota

  • Dr Patricia Parnet – Head of research unit INSERM UMR 1280, France

Transmission of obesity from mother to child through microbiota transfer and impact on feeding behavior

  • Prof. Marie-José Butel – PharmD, PhD Professor, Director of the research team EA 4065, Microbiologist, Paris Descartes University, France

Gut microbiota establishment, perinatal determinants and relationships with growth and overweight in children”.

Skin Microbiota

  • Dr. Marie Bodinier – Project manager Research scientist at INRA, France

PREMIPLA project : the effect of antenatal PREbiotics supplementation on MIcrobiota in PLAcenta in the context of allergy prevention”.

  • Dr. Clarissa Schwab/Christian Lacroix – EZH (Switzerland) Laboratory for Food Biotechnology Zurich, Switzerland

Infant gut development and the risk of allergy and atopic dermatitis”.

“We would like to thank all the applicants who have applied to BINC-Geneva funding programmes in 2018.
Application Dossiers have now been selected by our scientific committee and awardees contacted.
We encourage applicants to apply again to our next session in January 2019.”

As we have received many applications this year we will do our best to answer your questions in the coming weeks.


1. Infant gut microbiota & allergy

2. Skin microbiota

3. Infant brain development

4. Child obesity and nutrition

5. Postpartum depression


STEP 1  : Submission of abstracts (Pre-selection)

Deadline March 30th 2019 – Submission of abstract (online application)

STEP 2 : Submission of Full Application Dossier 

  • Selected applicants will receive by email a Full application Dossier to complete
  • Deadline April 20th  2019 – Submission of Full Dossier


  • From 35’000 to 50’000 Euros*

* A bonus of 5’000 Euros will be granted for publication of research in Journals with an Impact factor > 2.5


Research will lead to a publication in a peer-reviewed Journal.


  • Applicants will send abstracts (online application) :  Up to March 30th 2019
  • Preselection of applications : March 30th 2019
  • Selected applications will receive by email a Full Application to complete and send  :  Up to April 20th, 2019
  • Examination of Full Dossier / Applications by the Scientific Committee : May 08th, 2019
  • Final Decision and Communication to applicants :  May 15th
  • Establishing of Financing Agreements : May 15th June
  • Start of research projects : June 15th – October 15th


1. Doubtful sustainability

2. Research on food policy, food production or food technology



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