Science events at a glance

BINC funding programme 2019: An award ceremony in Geneva

BINC was very proud to bestow 5 scientific research grants to awardees from leading Universities, Hospitals and Academic Institutes (University of Bern, INRA, INSERM, Institut Pasteur and University of Indiana) – for projects that will run for two years. The selected projects will address key BINC scientific areas: microbiota, infant brain development, child nutrition and obesity, women’s health around pregnancy.

2019 the selected research  programmes


Ronchi, F. (University of Bern, Switzerland). The role of microbiota in brain homeostasis during adulthood and early life.

Langella, P. (INRA, France). Exploring perinatal factors on vertical microbiota transmission: modulation of early life gut microbiota to prevent long-term effects.

Infant brain development

Aberts, J. (University of Indiana, U.S.). The mother-offspring microbiome (M-OM) and Neurobehavioural development.

 Women health around pregnancy

Pawluski, J. (INSERM, Rennes). Influence of post-partum depression and probiotic treatment on maternal brain serotonin and caregiving behaviours.

 Child Nutrition and obesity

Eberl, G. (Institut Pasteur, Paris). Intestinal homeostasis in the prevention of pediatric obesity and its consequences on health


DOHaD Melbourne 2019: Investing in a Healthy Future for All

BINC was one of the sponsors of DOHaD (Development Origin of Health and Disease) conference held from 20 to 23rd October 2019, in Melbourne

Australia. BINC areas of expertise and research grants towards infant health were introduced to Congress during which   1000 clinical researchers and healthcare professionals addressed the many challenges that currently impact the health of mothers and infants.


World of Microbiome Conference:  Understanding the secret of the microbiome

BINC was proud to be a sponsor at the World of Microbiome: Pregnancy & Infancy Conference (WoMPBI 2019) in Milan, from 31 October to 2 November. This congress brought together world-class science to 400 participants, mostly KOLs and healthcare professionals, experts in microbiology immunology, neonatology and pediatrics. In this event, BINC team highlighted our scientific activities and research programmes.