The effect of the microbiota-Gut-brain axis on mood and behaviour by Prof. Sylvie Rabot

The gut-brain axis is a cutting-edge topic that refers to the liaison between cognitive and emotional centres in the brain and intestinal functions. Several early studies have shown that stress can perturb the composition of the microbiota which can affect behaviour, gene expression in the brain and the development of the nervous system.
In this webinar, Prof. Sylvie Rabot adresses the brain and behavioural responses to stress, and how gut microbiota dysbiosis could contribute to the pathophysiology of anxiety and mood disorders in humans.

Sylvie Rabot is a Research scientist at INRAE (French National Institue for Agricultural Research) and MICALIS Institute.
She is a member of the French Society for Microbiology, the French Neurosciences Society and the french Veterinary Academy.
Author of more than 80 scientific publications, her current research activities are about the Microbiota Gut- Brain Axis.