Microbiota and dysbiosis by Prof Gérard Eberl

In this webinar, Dr. Gérard Eberl explains what has been studied and discovered so far about the relationship between the microbiota and the immune system. He provides an overview of his laboratory’s current research on that relationship and outlines the path for future research in this field.


Gérard Eberl, PhD, has been Professor of Immunology at the Institut Pasteur in Paris since 2014 and is head of the “Microenvironment & Immunity” joint unit of the Institut Pasteur and INSERM.

His research demonstrates the key role of the microbiota in the balance of immune responses and suggests that disrupting the microbiota results in increased reactivity of the immune system, which can lead to inflammatory diseases and susceptibility to infection.

Gérard Eberl is a member of the European Molecular Biology Organisation and an Associate Editor of Mucosal Immunology. He has been head of the Department of Immunology at the Institut Pasteur since 2015. He has received numerous awards for his transversal research in immunology and microbiology. He is the author of more than 125 articles and six patents concerning the regulation of immune responses.

Dr. Eberl received a BINC grant under BINC funding program 2018 for his research on: “the Intestinal homeostasis in the prevention of paediatric obesity and its consequences on health.”