The human milk microbiome by Prof. Shelley McGuire

The human milk microbiome is the aggregate of all microbiotas that resides on or within human tissues and fluids. Humans may have up to 100 trillion of microbes in the body.

In this webinar, Prof. McGuire provides some highlights on the paradigm shift in human microbiome studies and gives an in-depth definition of the human milk microbiome and how it is related to maternal and infant health.


Michelle (Shelley) McGuire received her doctorate in human nutrition from Cornell University (1994). Her research focuses primarily on gaining a deeper understanding of how maternal diet and nutritional status influence human milk composition and maternal/infant health during breastfeeding. Her research also highlights the importance of dietary lipids for maternal and infant health and how the milk microbiome impacts short- and long-term infant health.

Prof. McGuire provides high-quality and evidence-based nutrition information to the press and public.