Biostime Institute for Nutrition and care: New partnerships

BINC is proud to be a new member of two leading professional organizations: Swiss Foundations and ISAPP (International Scientific Association of Probiotics and Prebiotics).

Founded in 2001 on the initiative of eleven foundations, SwissFoundations is an active network dedicated to innovation. It promotes the sharing of experience, transparency and professionalism in the Swiss foundation sector.

ISAPP is the international non-profit organization that champions probiotic and prebiotic science. Founded in 2002, ISAPP brings together global leading scientific experts and has shifted the paradigm for how probiotics and prebiotics are studied and understood.

Experts interviews

What could be the impact of pre and post-natal depression on women’s health? What is the role of probiotics in early life? How do Human milk Oligosaccharides play a crucial part in early nutrition? What is behind infants’ allergies?

All these questions will be addressed in our new webserie EXPERTS INTERVIEW, in which health world leading experts will provide some insightful science information.

Experts Interviews Episodes

The synergetic effect of synbiotics

Synbiotics are combinations of prebiotics and probiotics that synergistically promote health such as gastrointestinal health, through direct and indirect interaction between probiotic, prebiotic and host.

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