BINC-Geneva funded projects

In 2018:

Cognition/Brain development

Gut Bacteria and Brain of the Baby: to link up the dynamic of gut colonization in preterms born at gestational age of 30-326/7 weeks and their psychomotor development at 2 years”.

Amandine Bellanger, Division of Neonatology, University Hospital of Rennes France


Gut Microbiota

Transmission of obesity from mother to child through microbiota transfer and impact on feeding behavior

Dr Patricia Parnet , Head of research unit INSERM UMR 1280, France

Gut microbiota establishment, perinatal determinants and relationships with growth and overweight in children

Prof. Marie-José Butel , Microbiologist, Paris Descartes University, France


Skin Microbiota

PREMIPLA project : the effect of antenatal PREbiotics supplementation on MIcrobiota in PLAcenta in the context of allergy prevention”.

Dr. Marie Bodinier – Project manager Research scientist at INRA, France

Infant gut development and the risk of allergy and atopic dermatitis

Dr. Clarissa Schwab/Christian Lacroix – EZH (Switzerland) Laboratory for Food Biotechnology Zurich, Switzerland