2019 selected projects 


Ronchi, F. ( University of Bern, Switzerland). The role of microbiota in brain homeostasis during adulthood and early life .

Langella, P. (INRA, France). Exploring perinatal factors on vertical microbiota transmission: modulation of early life gut microbiota to prevent long-term effects.

Infant brain development

Aberts, J. (University of Indiana, U.S.). The mother-offspring microbiome (M-OM) and Neurobehavioural development.

Women health around pregnancy

Pawluski, J. (INSERM, Rennes).Influence of post-partum depression and probiotic treatment on maternal brain serotonin and caregiving behaviours.

Child Nutrition and obesity

Eberl, G. (Institut Pasteur, Paris). Intestinal homeostasis in the prevention of pediatric obesity and its consequences on health.

2018 selected  projects 


Parnet, P. (INSERM). Transmission of obesity from mother to child through microbiota transfer and impact on feeding behavior

Butel, MJ. (Paris Descartes University, France). Gut microbiota establishment, perinatal determinants and relationships with growth and overweight in children

Bodinier, M. (INRA, France). PREMIPLA project: the effect of antenatal PREbiotics supplementation on MIcrobiota in PLAcenta in the context of allergy prevention.


Schwab, C.  (EZH,  Switzerland). Infant gut development and the risk of allergy and atopic dermatitis.

Infant brain development

Bellanger A., Division of Neonatology, (University Hospital of Rennes France). Gut Bacteria and Brain of the Baby: to link up the dynamic of gut colonization in preterms born at gestational age of 30-326/7 weeks and their psychomotor development at 2 years.