What is Brain development?

The brain undergoes a crucial period of development after birth with the progressive maturation of the brain giving rise to the acquisition of psychomotor skills, language, social & emotional development, and cognitive functions such as attention and learning.

From birth to the age of 3 a child sees the fastest rate of brain development of his entire life span.

The advances in research in infant neurodevelopment highlight the crucial nature of experience in shaping the brain. The role of nutrition for health development and the importance of stimulating learning are key factors that influence brain development.

How does attachment play a key role in infant development?

From birth to 3 years of life the brain registers the greatest growth across the lifespan, acquiring psychomotor skills, language, cognitive functions such as attention and learning and experiencing rapid social and emotional development.Brain architecture is comprised of billions of connections between individual neurons across multiple areas of the brain. These connections enable fast communication […]

School readiness

The time when a child is about to start school is a major milestone for parents because it signifies a big step for the little ones as they head towards an increased period of socialization, autonomy, and learning. This new stage can be a source of anxiety for parents as they seek to understand how […]

Brain development at a glance

How does the brain develop?

The brain is one of the body’s most complex organs and is at the centre of our nervous system. Exploring how the brain functions is necessary to be able to understand overall human health, which is why brain development is one of BINC key areas of expertise. Brain cells communicate The brain is made of […]